Faizon Love’s Allegiance with 2pac & Co-Signing Dehaven Struck a Nerve with JAY-Z

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Faizon Love’s Allegiance with 2pac & Co-Signing Dehaven Struck a Nerve with JAY-Z

Faizon Love, 2pac vs. Jay Z situation April 2022 story situation explained, as the Brooklyn rapper sent bars through the new Pusha T track. For those that don’t know, Faizon Love was well-connected in the streets of New York, as well as Los Angeles.

While being a member of the bloods, he was around 2pac’s final ride, during the 1996 Death Row run. There, Faizon and Pac had a friendship year’s prior that got more serious during that time, considering the battle Makaveli was going through for his innocence.

So, during that time, 2pac would study every rapper coming out from, UGK, to Big L and even Jay Z. Now, when Jay Z released his Reasonable Doubt album, the opening line on “22 Twos” was a direct shot at the west coast.

Now feeling disrespected, 2pac called the entire Reasonable Doubt album rap and the Jiggaman a fake Mafia boss (on record multiple times). While Jay’s track record in the streets can’t be doubted, him being the boss was questioned multiple times by those that were around.

Faizon Love was seen speaking about Jay, saying that he was a puppet to Dehaven’s enterprise. That line alone struck a nerve with Jay, as he waited an entire year to issue a response back to Faizon.

For those of you who have never seen Dehaven’s Marcy Me documentary on Amazon, it’s a must-watch for those that don’t know the history that birthed Roc-a-Fella Records.

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