Men Who Cheat Are The Ones Who Show Off Their Wives The Most On Social Media – BBNaija Nina

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BB Naija In a post on her social media website, Nina slammed husbands who cheat on their wives. The reality TV star wondered why men who are notorious for constantly flaunting their wives are so popular for cheating on them.

The married TV celebrity revealed that men who cheat the most flaunt their wives on social media while other women look on. Many believe it’s their conscience and the desire to convince their spouses that no matter what they do outside of their marriage, they will always be in their marriage, according to her comments, which has prompted a tremendous reaction on social media.

The reality TV star recently slammed up-and-coming artist Portable, claiming that his song, Zazu Zeh, is overhyped and doesn’t deserve all of the attention. Nigerians have been ecstatic since the release of the song, which features Olamide and Pocolee, and have expressed their appreciation for it.

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