Wack 100 Explains How Tory Lanez is Innocent from a Street & Legal Perspective

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Wack 100 Explains Tory Lanez Innocent

One of the craziest situations has been the Tory Lanez shooting incident in Los Angeles, where a popular female rapper claimed he was the shooter. Since that time, she’s been quiet on the entire ordeal, while Tory has been seen out in the public more with friends.

This includes people being more willing to work with him, after he was almost cancelled in 2019 for the alleged incident. Now, with the trial set to begin next month, Wack 100 spoke on the entire situation from a legal and street perspective.

So far, Mr. Lanez has pleaded not guilty to the shooting, which he believes concrete evidence will prove he didn’t do anything. Listen to Wack discussing the no trace of gun residue on his hands, which is required by all police to examine and scan people once they’re arrested.


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