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A 100L student who is 15 years of age was raped by a 300L Student of the Department of SCIENCE LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY (SLT), the said rapist (ADEYEMI ADEWONUOLA JULIUS PC:ADEGOLD) is said to be known for violence act and lawlessness on Campus over the years.


Our correspondent gathered that the victim who is a fresh student on campus met the rapist when she came for her Medicals, unfortunately the University was on strike on the day of her arrival.
She intended to going back immediately but the rapist (Adegold) told her she should follow him to a particular tutorial. As a student who values her academics, the victim followed him & on getting to the tutorial, he (Adegold) asked the Lady if she have any money with her and the lady said she didn’t. Adegold collected her bag and took her transport fare (#1, 000). The lady request back for her money but he (Adegold ) said he will give her after the tutorial.

When the tutorial ended, instead of Mr Adegold to release the lady money and let her embark on her journey, he requested of her to please follow him to a friend who he wanted to give something to at Adenike.
Reluctantly with no option, she followed him because he is in possession of her transport fare. On getting to the hostel at Adenike, he locked up the door and carry out his evil act without a mere protection.

After the whole scenerio, the lady left angrily and Mr Adegold start threatening her afterwards that she will have problem if she should tell anybody.

As a fresher that she is, she kept it to herself. Fortunately, she recently voiced out due emotional trauma.

Mr Adegold was summoned by the University Security Officer yesterday (19/12/2020). After thorough interrogation, MR ADEGOLD CONFESSED THAT HE TRULY RAPPED HER.

The CSO of the University (Group Captain ISRAEL OLASOPE RTD.) ordered his detention and promised that the Culprit will not go unpunished.

Earlier today, it was broadcasted that the victim(the lady) has been held hostage by the Cabals of the Culprit and was later released when the University Security led by the CSO himself storm the place where she was kept.

Mr Adegold WANTED case during his 200L days

It was also gathered that he had once been DECLARED WANTED By the Nigeria Police Force for CULTISM, RAPE AND ROBBERY


We also gathered that one or two very important personnel of the management staff is siding the Culprit which is an act of defamation of the school good integrity. Well, we hope justice will be done because “Injustice to one they say is an injustice to all”.

Well, if someone can rape a 15years old girl, such a person is nothing but a very hardened Criminal.


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Benatia12 December 22, 2019 - 4:23 am

Nawooo God help us


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