Shocking!!! A 9-Year-Old Boy Passed A University-Level Maths Exam (Photo)

by korevibes
Shogo Ando
A super-talented nine-year-old boy has been hailed after passing a university-level maths exam.

The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan on Tuesday said a 9-year-old boy from the Western Japanese province of Hyogo has passed a university-level maths exam.

Shogo Ando

Shogo Ando

According to the Kyodo news agency, the institute said Shogo Ando had been studying for the exam for two years and intended to use his mathematical skills for the betterment of the society.

The report said the boy was quoted as saying that he would like to use his skills to combat climate change.

Testing and achievement is central to Japan’s highly competitive school system.

However, according to the latest data from the Programme for International Student Assessment, Japan has fallen from fifth to sixth place in the ranking of countries by their school pupils’ maths abilities.

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