Album: Fredo Bang – Two-Face Bang 2 (Zip Mp3 Rar)

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Album: Fredo Bang – Two-Face Bang 2 (Zip Mp3 Rar)

Download Fredo Bang – Two-Face Bang 2 (Full Zip Mp3 Rar)

Two-Face Bang 2 is the sixth mixtape by Baton Rouge native rapper, Fredo Bang and is presented as the sequel to 2 Face Bang. The album follows up on Fredo’s fifth mixtape, Murder Made Me which was released in August 2021.

The release of the mixtape was confirmed by Fredo Bang himself on his Instagram in March 2022. Weeks following the announcement, Fredo had taken to his Instagram to preview the mixtape’s official artwork while questioning what features his fans would want.

The mixtape features five singles, “Fool for Love,” “Throw It Back,” “4’s Up,” “Federal Raid,” and “No Love” which features the New York native, Sleepy Hallow.


  1. Street Lights
  2. Gianni’s Wish
  3. Last One Left w/ Roddy Ricch
  4. Goin Blind
  5. Underdog Hero
  6. Brazy w/ YNW Melly
  7. Hard 4 U
  8. Ivy K/HHair By Tae
  9. Talk To Me
  10. 4’s Up
  11. Like That w/ Rob49
  12. Nobody
  13. BOP
  14. No Love ft. Sleepy Hallow
  15. Federal Raid
  16. Paper
  17. Proud Of Me w/ Money Man
  18. Throw It Back
  19. Fool for Love

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