KoreVibes provides Information and entertainment in different forms via different channels absolutely free to her numerous followers and visitors from all across the world especially Nigeria.

Over Some Times will decided to use some Ads Banner, Pop Ups Ads Which isn’t comfortable For Website Visitor to Use Our Website Easily Then We Remove Some Ads For You Guys.
We are now looking to generate money from even the smallest contributions from our esteemed visitors. Which includes, YOU

Our Upcoming Missions On KoreVibes.Com

1. We Are Planning To Have Our Own Downloading Host Server Where You Can download without been Redirected to another Website And With Just One Click Download

2. To Cover All Categories and 24/7 Updates on any Things Entertainment To Sever You Better


3. We are planning to employ More Best Admins on KoreVibes.Com to Cover Each Categories

4. We Are Planning to Move to Higher Best Website Hosting, To Be Live Online 24 Hours Without Any Website Break Down

Okay, so how do i donate?

Make a monthly or one time donation to support the initiative

We are open to receiving in-kind donations.

Send an email to [email protected] or call 0808 214 2469 to make your donation.


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