OMOYAJOWO TWINS – DIVINE MERCY (prod by Beloved Entertainment)[Gospel]

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We are Omoyajowo Twins by name popularly known as Twins Gospel Vibes(TGV)…

We thank God for His Divine Mercy in our life.He has proved himself as God in the Journey of our life…Mercy has always been speaking for us in the Journey of Salvation..This is the main reason we composed this song Titled:Divine Mercy, for God to show us Mercy in all Ramifications of life,either spiritual,physical,mental and financial aspect of our lives…..
The song is an Intercessory song for souls in Christ who needs God Divine Mercy in their family,daily activities and spiritual life….

We have ministered within and outside Lagos across several denominations… We have shared stage with other minstrels of God like Aduke Gold, Psalm67, Beloved Adeboye, Taiwo Ojodu, Dani Faramoluwa and a host of others…

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