Kiko en Lala (2019) – Filipino [Movie]

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Kiko en Lala (2019) – Filipino Movie

  • Type:movies
  • Cast:Super Tekla, Derrick Monasterio, Kim Domingo
  • Genre:Others
  • Release Date:Null
  • Running time:Null

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Meet Kiko and Lala (Super Tekla), adopted conjoined twins in a carnival and is also known as the famous “Kambal sa Karnabal.” Their only goal is to be separated so they can both enjoy their relationship with Aning (Kim Domingo) and Rap-rap (Derrick Monasterio). Deadline (Ai-Ai Delas Alas), a mysterious godmother appears to grant their wishes but with an unfortunate condition – only one of them will remain alive. Will they choose their destiny as conjoined twins? Or will they accept Deadline’s offer?

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