Watch A Trailer for Season 2 of Michael K. Williams’ “Black Market” Series

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Unfortunately, the world lost Michael K. Williams to a drug overdose and he will not get to see his Black Market series premiere for Season 2. Even through an unfortunate situation, VICE is still moving forward with it, leaving it as part of his legacy. As you can see, he’s heading back into the streets to meet with scammers and hustlers. He’s talking to those making the scams on why they do it, their motivation for continuing and how they got into it.

It should be an interesting season, as well as a somber one, considering Williams is no longer with us.

Either way, BLACK MARKET with Michael K. Williams returns to VICE on January 10, 2022. Make sure you mark it on your calendars and keep an eye for its premiere.

R.I.P. Michael K. Williams.

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