Google to launch VPN by Google One soon

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Google to launch its VPN soon as a part of its Google one service. Google has planned to launch its service soon for customers in the US. It will be included with a 1 Terabyte plan and above and will be lanuched in other regions soon.

The eligible Google One plans that will receive the VPN free of charge start at $9.99 per month, but only in the Google One application for Android.

All Google customers get 15 Gigabytes of storage space with a free account; customers who require more can subscribe to a paid plan to increase storage by 100 Gigabytes, 200 Gigabytes or 2 Terabytes respectively.

Google One customers do get other benefits such as options to add family members, Google Store cashbacks, or additional support options. Features depend on the selected plan and are not necessarily available for all paying customers.

Google provides just a few information about the VPN at the time of writing. According to the official site, Google won’t use the VPN connection “to track, log, or sell” a customer’s browsing activity, and a customer’s throughput speed is not limited artificially.

Engineers developed a method that separates customer authentication from use of the VPN service. The method adds a cryptographic blinding step “between user subscription validation and connecting to the VPN”.

The following data is not logged according to Google:

  • Network traffic, including DNS
  • IP addresses of the devices connecting to the VPN
  • Bandwidth utilized by an individual user
  • Connection timestamps by user

However, some data is logged at an aggregate level according to Google to “ensure a healthy and performant VPN”. This includes:

  • Aggregate throughput
  • Aggregate VPN tunnel uptime
  • Aggregate VPN tunnel setup latency
  • Aggregate Total bandwidth rate
  • Aggregate Packet loss rate
  • Aggregate VPN tunnel failure rates
  • Aggregate VPN tunnel retries
  • Aggregate Service/Server CPU and memory load
  • Aggregate VPN tunnel setup error rates

Additional, to measure “overall service experience, debug the service, and prevent fraud”, the following data may be collected for a user:

  • Use of the service in the past 28 days but not specific times it was used nor the duration of usage or amount of data transferred.
  • Number of recent attempts to set up a VPN session.
  • Server error logs without “request or response data”.

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