.GROOMING MORE FEMALE COMPUTER HARDWARE TECHNOLOGISTS.Here is your SHAB TECHNOLOGY PLANET customized technology news for November 13, 2020.

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Here is your SHAB TECHNOLOGY PLANET customized technology news for November 13, 2020.

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After so many years in the tech grind(still non stop) I’m yet to see more female computer hardware specialist as expected.
So I’m aiming to groom more women in tech in all my possible ways, I want to produce people like Erica Gomez(Of the Microsoft), Young Female in tech (YouTube channel ID) and co. – SHAB

The newly uploaded practical videos really shows the project/mission progress.

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*Using social robots to improve children’s language skills*

As robots share many characteristics with toys, they could prove to be a valuable tool for teaching children in engaging and innovative ways. In recent years, some roboticists and computer scientists have thus been investigating how robotics systems could be introduced in classroom and pre-school environments.

*Camel-fur-inspired power-free system harnesses insulation and evaporation to keep items cool*

Camels have evolved a seemingly counterintuitive approach to keeping cool while conserving water in a scorching desert environment: They have a thick coat of insulating fur. Applying essentially the same approach, researchers at MIT have now developed a system that could help keep things like pharmaceuticals or fresh produce cool in hot environments, without the need for a power supply.


*New research explores the thermodynamics of off-equilibrium systems*

Almost all truly intriguing systems are ones that are far away from equilibrium—such as stars, planetary atmospheres, and even digital circuits. But, until now, systems far from thermal equilibrium couldn’t be analyzed with conventional thermodynamics and statistical physics.

*New tractor beam has potential to tame lightning*

Lightning never strikes twice, so the saying goes, but new technology may allow us to control where it hits the ground, reducing the risk of catastrophic bushfires.

*Researchers demonstrate attosecond boost for electron microscopy*

A team of physicists from the University of Konstanz and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in Germany have achieved attosecond time resolution in a transmission electron microscope by combining it with a continuous-wave laser—offering new insights into light-matter interactions.


*Atmospheric rivers help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice*

Warm, moist rivers of air in Antarctica play a key role in creating massive holes in sea ice in the Weddell Sea and may influence ocean conditions around the vast continent as well as climate change, according to Rutgers co-authored research.

*3-D-printed weather stations could enable more science for less money*

An inexpensive monitoring system with 3-D-printed parts and low-cost sensors might not last as long as a commercial one, but it can be just as accurate, researchers found.

*Extreme rainfall projected to get more severe, frequent with warming*

Across the continental United States, massive, often-devastating precipitation events—the kind that climate scientists have long called “hundred-year storms”—could become three times more likely and 20% more severe by 2079, UCLA-led research projects.


*SpaceX ready to take four astronauts to ISS Saturday*

Three NASA crew and one Japanese astronaut are set for launch aboard a SpaceX rocket Saturday, bound for the International Space Station in the program’s first six-month routine mission since the United States resumed crewed space flight in May after nine years of reliance on Russia.

*Researchers give radar new abilities using optical data about meteors*

It is thought that over 1,000 kilograms of so-called interplanetary dust falls to Earth every day. This dust is produced by an untold number of small faint meteors, discarded remnants of asteroids and comets that pass by the Earth. Two ways to study faint meteors are radar and optical observations, each with advantages and limitations. Astronomers have combined specific observations with both methods, and can now use radar to make the kinds of observations that previously only optical telescopes could make.

*Tree rings may hold clues to impacts of distant supernovas on Earth*

Massive explosions of energy happening thousands of light-years from Earth may have left traces in our planet’s biology and geology, according to new research by University of Colorado Boulder geoscientist Robert Brakenridge.


*A new and efficient way to create nanographene for power and display devices*

Nanographene is a material that could radically improve solar cells, fuel cells, LEDs and more. Typically, the synthesis of this material has been imprecise and difficult to control. For the first time, researchers have discovered a simple way to gain precise control over the fabrication of nanographene. In doing so, they have shed light on the previously unclear chemical processes involved in nanographene production.

*Graphene electrodes for better-performance supercapacitors*

Recently, a research group led by Prof. Wang Zhenyang from the Institute of Solid State Physics of the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) reported a novel method to prepare high-performance supercapacitors with ultra-high energy storage density.

*Controlling lasers with dancing DNA*

DNA is the hereditary material in the nucleus of all cells in humans and other living organisms. Besides its significance in biology, DNA has also played a specific role in controlling many physical devices. Recently, an international research team at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has demonstrated the concept of a switchable microlaser by taking advantage of the organic biomolecule DNA hybridization process.

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