Former Queens Drug Lord Lorenzo ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols Paroled, 50 Cent Showed Respect When Many Didn’t

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Former Queens Drug Lord Lorenzo ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols Paroled, 50 Cent Showed Respect When Many Didn’t

Lorenzo ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols Paroled FEDS 2026, as the former New York City Drug Lord has been released by state to federal level. For years, we’ve seen some of the toughest individuals in the history of New York City have an opinion on the decision Mr. Nichols made to save his family.

His situation was unheard of, when agreed to admit to crimes he did, not involving anyone else in his situation, to save the freedom of his mother and immediate family. We’re not sure why this was frowned upon by many back then, including witnessing several respected street people turn federal informant years later.

After agreeing to a 1992 plea deal with the federal government, Lorenzo ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols was sentenced 25-to-life in prison for drug trafficking and gun possession in state court. At that time, he was already serving a concurrent 40-year sentence on federal racketeering, homicide and money laundering charges.

Last week, Fat Cat was paroled by the state of New York and transferred to the custody of the feds, where he has an expected release date for 2026. Now, 63-years-old, Mr. Nichols has been instrumental in helping the lives of many people on the inside, including Bobby Shmurda going on record to thank him after permanently leaving behind the street life to focus on his career and family.

Dubbed the biggest drug dealer in Queens during the 1980s, Fat Cat could be released anytime by the FEDs, which we expect this to happen before 2026. During those many years he was away, 50 Cent was one of the biggest advocates in showing respect to Mr. Nichols, and breaking down why no one could ever call Fat Cat a snitch.

Take a look at documentaries below we’ve provided, as well as 50 Cent’s commentary on the situation.

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