The Meek Mill vs. Tory Lanez Situation Examined

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The Meek Mill vs. Tory Lanez Situation Examined

Meek Mill vs. Tory Lanez situation examined after the One Umbrella rep returned home this weekend and made comments on his new single. This weekend, Tory Lanez continued his FARGO FRIDAY’S series, with the release of his Mucky James music video.

There, Tory addressed a behind-the-scenes fallout with Meek Mill, which is still unknown to the general masses. Shockingly, DJ Akademiks went to reveal some of the situation, as to why Meek and Tory stopped doing business together and essentially not being friends anymore.

In the clip below, listen to Ak discuss why this situation is going on, including referencing Harlem rapper Melii being a piece of the static between the two.

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